• prices

    The price starts from USD 740 -
    (excluding tax).

    * In case of full bespoke order, a separately original wooden last fee (USD 990 - (excluding tax)) will be charged on the first time. *Prices are depends on designs and materials.

  • delivery

    Bespoke: total 5 months to complete.*
    Made to order: 3 months to complete.

    *Few month later, we have Basting process. After basting, we will start to make complete shoes.

    【Urgently complete】
    There is an optional service of urgent making complete shoes for customer who live in abroad.
    *International delivery of completed products to your home is also possible.

  • time to order

    Our services are provided
    by advance reservation only.

    We provide services only at the shop in Tokyo, JAPAN.
    The required time for measuring and order are around 1 hour.


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