“Our goal: making heeled shoes mainstream for all women.”
“Adapting shoes to your feet should become the norm.”

For all women

We have seen many women struggle with uncomfortable shoes.
They damage their feet, the shoes deform, and yet they continue wearing them to maintain their image and femininity.
While there are hundreds of types of feet in the world, women have been forced to select from just seven types of fit.

We feel that artisans must resolve this issue by pooling knowledge and abilities to resolve this issue here and now, not deferring it to a distant future.
Many of our patrons are women who tell us they feel lucky to have found this service.
Our mission is making heeled shoes accessible to all women and making shoes tailored to your feet mainstream. We are doing our all to make this a reality through our shoe production.

“Thinking now both yourself and your feet”

After conversing with our artisans, you will get a chance to think about the “path beneath your feet” and what lies ahead for you.
We look forward to your visit.

Shunji Hoshino, president, HOSHINO BESPOKE SHOES


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