Pumps of last a lifetime

– Overhaul is the magical technology of making pair of shoes a lifetime –
Recently, in HOSHINO, an increasing number of customers want to repair shoes.
Every time we get a repair request from a customer, We are very grateful and happy to see our customers loves our shoes.
Because Hoshino shoes are all handmade, the all of HOSHINO’s shoemaker staff, including myself, the process of making each pair of shoes are in our memory.
all shoes have each story.
The repair request is a proof that the our shoes have been evaluated by customers and are weared a lot.
We have many opportunities to suggest overhaul repairs to our customers.
Today, we want to introduce about overhaul that one of the maintenance.
Overhaul is one technique that extends the life of a shoe.
Regarding to overhaul, The main contents of maintenance are all three types of replacement (insole, outsole, heel), relasting and washing the front and back leather, and polishing.
As a result, overhauled shoes will be reborn as good as new.
In Japan, it is customary to women wear Heels / Pumps at work.
On the other hand, in global common sense, Heels are shoes used in more occasional scenes.
In addition, there is a traditional “Ge-Soku culture(下足文化)” in Japan, and it is strongly recognized that shoes are expendables.
※[Ge-Soku culture]=In Japan, The state that what should be “Soto 外 = outside” but there is in “Uchi 内 = inside” is called “Kegare 穢れ” ( Kegare = the Japanese term for a state of pollution and defilement, important particularly in Shinto as a religious term.).
That ’s why Japanese take off their shoes when entering the house and keep the soil outside of house.
Shoes are products that carry “Kegare” and if it gets dirty, it is common to throw it away and buy a new one.
For this reason, there are many Japanese who think it is normal to wear out their shoes only in the 1-2 seasons.
In fact, shoemakers often makes shoes that cannot be repaired on the premise that Japanese will wear out shoes.
However, shoes made on the premise of manual maintenance incorporate technology that enables repair / replacement. Like men’s business shoes.
Depending on the maintenance method and frequency, HOSHINO’s shoes can be worn for a long period of time in 5 or more seasons.
A pair of shoes that allows for overhaul are not consumables, will last a lifetime.
For this reason, HOSHINO propose to customers on a daily basis the below values.
The delight of collecting and increasing shoes in closet without breaking a pair of shoes and throwing it away.
Make shoes with a high satisfaction order, one by one, and have shoes with stories of each.
The experience of taking care of your life with shoes that can be worn for a long time with repairing.

Please feel free to contact us for repair requests.
For more information about Overhaul, you can contact us by email at any time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shunji Hoshino