The reason why you should make wooden last.

-The wooden last is a picture of each shoe and grows up-

Currently, more than half of the orders at HOSHINO are Full Bespoke.

For this reason, the word “making a wooden last” that unfamiliar by the daily life appears in conversations with customers.
The wooden last is a picture for making shoes, and the individuality of each customer’s shoes is reflected in the picture.

This article’s a quick introduction to the advantage between making a wooden last for each person.
There are three main special features below.

1: Captures foot features in 1mm increments.
The person’s feet is so sensitive that it can be clearly feel loose or tight in 1mm increments.
By made from the design in 1mm increments, it is possible to made special one that to be found in nowhere.
To wear shoes comfortably and beautifully, It is very important to choose fit shoes on feet in 1mm increments.
On the other hand, currently, the most customer can only choose commercially available shoes that are determined in 3mm-5mm increments.
That is very sloppy, and one cause of getting away from the right fitting shoe.
It is important to make shoes in 1mm increments considering not only the length but also the width, heel and characteristics of finger and arch.

2: Memorize and improve all design and comfort.
When making a wooden last,
Not only the comfort but also the design and material specifications are tied to the wooden last and memorized in the wooden last by shoemaker’s own method.
Therefore, the craftsman listens to the request from the customer,
By constantly adjusting and improving,
Transforms and nurtures wooden last into pictures that better meet customer needs.
The biggest feature of making a wooden last, Each time the results of past orders are accumulated, the wooden last will grow to a higher quality.

3: Very active in maintenance.
Shoes are the items closest to the ground.
Naturally, the heel, bottom material, and facial expression wear out, so you need to consider maintenance as a set.
However, when maintaining shoes, there is a limit to the degree of reproduction unless there is a memory of the exact model and design of the shoe.
By having a wooden last, High quality maintenance include overhaul will be possible.
Keep wearing shoes will be needed maintenance.
Making wooden last and maintenance.
It is something that cannot be separated.

Shunji Hoshino


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