What is the Full Bespoke

Currently, In HOSHINO, More than 50% of order is “Full Bespoke”.
Why “Full Bespoke” is so popular in HOSHINO?
The reason is many customers have a “”Wasteful expense for uncomfortable shoes” experience and always looking forward to encounting “Dreamy Perfect Shoes”.
Everyone yearn to wear beautiful shoes comfortably.

Therefore, We, HOSHINO propose “Full Bespoke” shoes / boots that are completed through a wooden last and prototype.
We do not spare time and effort for make shoes.

The following three important notes are the main features of Full Bespoke.

1:The basting process makes highly satisfying shoes even from the first pair.

Shoes will be completed through a number of processes. The first process called Kari-Nui (the basting).
We will prepare the basting shoes (Prototype shoes) that reproduce all the main parts of ordered shoes.
The customer will try it on and the staff will check the design and adjustment.

The customer can check the comfort of their ordered shoes before we made final version.
Kari-Nui process will fix uncomfortable points by adjustment of designs.

2:Designs have no constraints.

There are no constraints on the toe shape, heel height, design line, material, or other specifications.
Therefore, We can make special pair of shoes with the design that the customer wear well, or want to wear most.

The other advantage of making “Customer’s original last” is, can make the next pair of shoes with the same comfort as the first one.

3: We are pursuing “Beauty and comfort” balance with 1mm fitting.

The person’s feet is so sensitive that it can be clearly feel in 1mm increments.
By made from the design in 1mm increments, it is possible to made special one that to be found in nowhere.
In Full Bespoke, it is a great feature that you can easily wear higher heels by pursuing the comfort of shoes.

For above reasons, HOSHINO recommends Full Bespoke as one of the most satisfying ways to make customer’s shoes.
We offer a suggestion for all customers the precious added value of finding the special pair of shoes that cuddle up to life.

For more information about Full Bespoke, you can contact us by email at any time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shunji Hoshino