Galuchat Pumps

2018 SS collection 122.18 Galuchat pumps

USD 1,510 (excluding tax)
*Created as Made to order

There is a Sea Jewel called “Galuchat”. That is stingray skin.

The reason why stingrays have a stiff dorsal fin and skin is because they eat shellfish.

The skin on the back, made of stingray calcium phosphate, is shaved and polished, creating a unique shining and shiny leather.

Although it is difficult to make leather products using Galuchat, HOSHINO can make pumps because it is handmade by shoemaker in own workshop.

Unprecedented unique expression is realized with durability.

Like the colors used in the mosque mausoleum, it gives people some peace and attracts people.

Due to individual skin differences, it becomes the one and only pumps in the world.

HOSHINO keep making an effort as a creator, Proposing to the customer something delightful that is not in the world.


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