Making order-made shoes mainstream.

Our goal is making custom heels available to women everywhere.
We have developed a unique made to order line of products that allows you to enjoy the variety of designs and comfort of fit you would expect with HOSHINO bespoke shoes.
Drawing on our collection of bespoke designs, we maintain a collection of over 129 materials and colors, 3 toe shapes, and 3 types of heel, in 15 types.

Achieving the ultimate in fit and comfort.

We offer 39 types of fit per design (the combination of length (33.5-39.5 inch) and width (B ,D, 2E width). We then make customized modifications and prepare the shoe by hand to achieve the ultimate in comfort.


USD 1,490+*

(excluding tax, depends on designs and materials)

* in case of made to order, you don't need wooden last and fee is not charged.

  • Delivery datenegotiable (included how to deliver)
  • BastingNo forward fitting *The customer checks the fit when ordering, using our trial shoes.
  • Adjustment and repairAdjustments are offered free of charge at any time.
  • Size and widthWe offer sizes and widths ranging from 33.5-39.5inch and B-2E, respectively *Total of 39 types; select one for each foot.
  • Bottom adjustmentNo additional sole adjustment *Soles feature a standard finish.
  • Otherinitialing and engraving


QStylish personality by python heels
QI have flat feet. Would made to order shoes work for me?
AIf you have flat feet, high arches, or feet requiring special adjustments, there is a limit to how made to order shoes will work for you.
If you have different leg lengths or marked differences in the size of your feet, or if they are small, narrow, or require special attention, we strongly recommend a bespoke order with fitting. Please allow the artisan to advise you on to what extent this service is suitable for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
QWhat should I do if I can’t decide whether to choose made to order or bespoke?
ABegin by telling us which you have in mind.
Our artisans will then give you a consultation and explain the pros and cons of each.
You are then welcome to decide which to order, either that day or on a subsequent day.
QAfter my first order, can I order subsequent shoes without visiting the shop?
AAfter purchasing one pair of shoes, provided there are no outstanding issues with the fit, you can order subsequently by telephone or e-mail.
QWill made to order shoes work for me if I have bunions or differently sized feet?
AYes, we are able to accommodate adjustments for these types of feet.
QCan I select a leather of my choice with a made to order shoe?
AOur made to order line carries an extensive permanent selection of around 15 patented leathers, 18 baby calf leathers, 18 suedes, and other (foil leaf, python, galuchat, silk).
You are welcome to select your preferred material from among these. However, the price may fluctuate slightly depending on the material used and its scarcity.
For details, please do not hesitate to ask the artisan.
QCan I select my desired heel height?
AWe offer three varieties of heel, ranging from 5.5cm to 9.0cm.
We also carry a wide range of shapes, from pin heels to chunky heels.

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