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After receiving your order, our staff will contact you by e-mail or telephone to check how the shoes are fitting.
We will ask you if they feel loose, tight, or otherwise painful and make adjustments as necessary.
We offer free consultations and adjustments after delivery of your shoes. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • FLOW – 01

    We recommend trying the fit before wearing the shoes for lengthier periods of time.
    Our suggestion would be to wear the shoes for short intervals over 2-3 sessions.
    Over time, the shoes will mold to your feet.
    If you are unaccustomed to the tightness, begin by wearing them for 1-2 hours at a time.

  • FLOW – 02

    After wearing your shoes for a day, we recommend leaving them for two or more days.
    This will allow the natural leather to return to form and lose any residual humidity.
    Shoe should be stored in a cool, dark place in order to keep them in the best form.
    We also recommend periodically conditioning them with shoe cream.

  • FLOW – 03

    Please note that your shoes will need to be repaired and adjusted every six months.
    Leather goods require care and upkeep.
    If your shoes feel loose or do not fit the way they usually do, please consider coming in for an adjustment about every six months.


We maintain a permanent stock of spare parts, lasts, and designs.
This allows us to offer a range of repairs and replacements at any time.
For details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Repair USD (tax included)
Polishing: your shoes are polished using a specialty cream. +5
Half-sole reinforcement: the front half of the sole is reinforced. +50
Heel top lift swap: the rubber on the heel is replaced. +15
Toe shoe reinforcement: the sole near the tip of the toes is reinforced. +20
Toe upper reinforcement: the uppers on the toe are reinforced. +20
Toe reinforcement: the toe area is repaired/reinforced. +35
Heel reinforcement and covering: the heel covering is repaired and reapplied.(LorR 2,000) +35
Heel replacement: the entire heel is replaced.(LorR 2,000) +60
Insole replacement: the insole is replaced. +15
Recoloring: the color of the shoes is adjusted, changed, or replaced. +40
All-sole: the entire sole is replaced. +60
Upper adjustment: the upper leather is reshaped and put back into place. +80
Overhaul: the entire shoe is repaired to make it like new. +140
Size adjustment USD (tax included)
Insole adjustment: the insoles are maintained.(LorR 1,500) +25
Stretching: the size can be enlarged, either selectively or throughout the shoe.(LorR 1,000) +15


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