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Sky blue suede pumps : USD 1,780 (excluding tax)
*Created as Full Bespoke

Thank you for your bespoke order, Ms. H. A.
pointed by sky blue suede with red sole.

We take Full Bespoke order and made sky blue suede pumps.
The customers had very narrow width of feet, and it was difficult to find comfortable shoes in general shoe stores.
At the beginning, we listened customer complaints, and proposed making original wooden last.
Using high-quality, attractive sky blue suede material, dyeing in red the sole of the pumps.
By making from scratch, it became the one and only pair of shoes in the world.
We were very honord as a shoemaker because customer told us that it was a dreamy pumps.
A pair of pumps must be establish both beautifully made and comfortable to wear.
Women wear pumps because they want to be womanfully and beautiful.
However, is hard to be taken balance at both beautifully and comfortable.
Of course woman knows this well.
Even so, we don’t want woman to give it up, so we try to make the best proposals by special pumps/heels.
For example, for customers who are standing and walking at work all day with 8cm high heels, our proposal is not to make the heel higher or lower than now.
We propose how to make pumps beautifully at the same height, but without burden on the customer’s body.
For the customer, the most important things is to keep wearing with 8cm high heels easily and beautifully.
We don’t think that proposing low heels for customers who want to get comfort is always the best proposal.
For example, for customers who usually wear 7cm heels and dreaming to be able to wear high heels comfortably someday,
The heels height we propose are become more higher sometimes.
Our mission is propose to customers that they can achieve both higher heels and easy of wearing.
Of course we can make shoes with a heel height of more than 10cm.
However, we don’t suggest that the first orders heels height will be more than 3cm higher than shoes that usually wear.
Posture and walking will become difficult for customers
The best design for a shoe depends greatly on the way each customers live, work, and hold their shoes.
In fact, it is rare for customers to fully understand this, and that is why we believe that interaction between shoemaker staff and customers creates new and fresh value.
HOSHINO strives to make customer to the maximum satisfaction by providing Full Bespoke shoes maded to the each customers.

Shunji Hoshino


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