Bringing beauty to the feet of women everywhere.Adapting shoes to your feet should become the norm.

Have you struggled to find shoes you really like?
Have you never been able to properly wear a pair of heels?
We have met many women who struggled.

You have only one life to live.
So live large, and wear heels that show you at your best.

HOSHINO is one of only a few brands in the world that offers women’s shoes entirely made to order.

They are the culmination of designs crafted from lasts.

An artisan measures your feet and gives you a consultation, then designs the last and makes a temporary fitting shoe. This is followed by production of the piece and a forward fitting.

Both an initial and forward fitting of the final shoe are performed, with the initial fitting used to check the fit on your feet.

We produce shoes the traditional way, by hand and with care.


USD 1,490+*

(excluding tax, depends on designs and materials)

* in case of bespoke order, a separately original wooden last fee (USD 990 (excluding tax)) will be charged only for the first time.
* in case of made to order, you don't need wooden last and fee is not charged.

  • Delivery datenegotiable (included how to deliver)
  • BastingIncludes a forward fitting. *The shoes are delivered only after you try a temporary shoe made to your measurements.
  • Adjustment and repairAdjustments are offered free of charge at any time.
  • Size and widthSize and width span from 19.0-28.0cm and AAA-F, respectively. *All offered in 1mm increments
  • Bottom adjustmentIncludes sole adjustment *Flat feet, high arches, different leg lengths
  • OtherWe can also engrave your initials, provide a specialized shoe bag, deliver you shoes on-site, and pick you up and drop you off from and at your destination.


QDo your second and subsequent orders incur a charge for a last?
AGenerally, we do not collect fees for last production on subsequent orders. You need only pay the cost of the shoes.
However, if you need heels of different heights or different toe tip sizes, this requires rebuilding the last.
QWhat makes a made to order shoe different?
AThis is an order style differing from one where a design is made from scratch and an initial fitting is prepared.
A bespoke shoe allows us to offer you an authentic order-made shoe free of design restrictions or fit problems.
In addition to the size and width, the lining and fit around the toes can be customized.
There are also no restrictions on heel height or design of the toes with a bespoke shoe.
With made to order shoes, you select from 39 types of fits and design, as well as material, and test the fit on the spot. No temporary fitting is provided.
A bespoke shoe, however, has no restrictions on the fit and design, and is made from scratch, with an initial fitting.
QI have very narrow feet (AA width). Can you accommodate me?
AYes, of course.
Whether you have small feet, narrow feet, large feet, or wide feet, we will design a shoe from scratch for you.
QCan I select what I want to order after my consultation?
AYes, of course.
You can verify if a made to order shoe will be for you after trying the fit, or after receiving a consultation from an artisan. You can then decide whether to proceed to a made to order or bespoke.
QOnce you make my last, can it be used for any designs after that?
AA single last allows us to design a wide range of shoes that includes pumps, lacing shoes, booties, sandals, and mules.
Note that boots and belted sandals require a last different from a standard last used for pumps.
An artisan will explain the specifics to you in person.
QWill a suitable last for me change over time with age and weight changes?
A"Yes, it will.
However, the skeletal structure of the body does not fundamentally change.
Day-to-day changes from age and weight can be accommodated with slight adjustments.
Therefore, even if the size of your feet may change slightly, rest assured that there is no need to recraft your last."
QCan I order subsequent pairs by telephone or e-mail, and have them shipped to me?
AYes, of course.
We are happy to accommodate whatever is most convenient for you.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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